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10.5 iPad Pro Soft Grip Handle Stand:

A very well designed and useful product.
By Linda Farinaon September 29, 2018
The LapWorks Soft Grip Handle Stand is great! It allows me to take full advantage of my 10.5 iPad Pro. I can hold it in one hand securely and comfortably. I have even moved it up to my wrist and used it like an immense Apple Warch! This allows me to use both handles if I am moving around, but trying to watch or do something on my iPad. The stand is also very convenient. I particularly like using it to FaceTime with my children. I highly recommend this product. I have also found the customer service to be excellent.

Z-Lift Notebook Desk Stand:

Perfection. Couldn’t ask for a better Laptop Stand
By Zach J. December 8, 2017
I have had this now for about 6 months, and use it daily. It is super sturdy, runs my USB devices easily, and is super adjustable to both of my very different laptops. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another. Perfection!

Gripzilla Pro Handle Stand:

Awesome product
By Chris Andreoli October 14, 2018
Great way to manage your device without the concern of dropping it. I buy one of these for every Surface Book I deploy.

Sky Crane iPad and Tablet Floor Stand:

Superior Customer Service and Excellent Product
By Sandra578 September 24, 2018
Normally I give 4 stars when I am satisfied with a product, but this case is exceptional. Not the least because the product is as described and works well, but most importantly the superior customer service. Notably from Alan. I highly recommend not only the product but the company which stands behind it. You will do well to buy from this seller. Thank you Guys for everything

Armbot iPad Tablet Mount with Quick Load Holder:

This is a wonderful extra hand to hold your ipad in any way
By brian walesa October 2, 2018
I like how sturdy it is, it swivels and the ipad holder has an adjustment ball on the back with an easy screw for just the right hold I love it. Could not find anything like it in the store. Thanks, Brian

iPad Tablet Dual Lanyard:

This is exactly what I have been looking for...
By Joshua May 28, 2018
This is exactly what I have been looking for. I work at a restaurant that switched to handheld tablets and carrying them in my apron was killing my back. I tried carrying it on my arm and had a huge bruise. This strap is magic!!

Armbot Jr 2.0 iPad / Tablet Mount with C-Clamp:

Perfect for taking photos in the archive/library.
By Amazon Customer July 10, 2017
Verified PurchaseEarly Reviewer Rewards(What's this?)
This is exactly what my husband wanted. The only reason I gave 4 out of 5 stars is because it was missing the c-clamp, but I emailed and received it in the mail in 4 days. Amazing service!

Air Lift F1 Notebook Cooling Stand:

Works Great
By V. Tackett October 12, 2018
Fits my 17" gaming laptop and works perfect. Love how you can adjust height

Air Lift F5 Notebook Cooling Stand:

Quiet and soothing if you need to work in bed
By Azuca March 21, 2018
Great product, I bought two of them. I am a firm believer in keeping laptops on cool surfaces. This product has adjustable height which is ideal compared to the Targus brand I bought many many moons ago (which still works). But I like this one better because it has 5 cooling quiet fans. I just hope it last for many at least 5 years :)

iPad Air 2 Handle Stand:

By PASTOR H JOHNSON June 4, 2018

Big Screen TV Swivel:

moves the 55 inch tv!
By stiller gym rat October 15, 2018
my husband loves it to swivel his 55 inch flatscreen!

Cantilever 2.0 Tablet Stand:

Good Basic Solution
By Dave CarverTop Contributor: Fantasy Books January 11, 2018
This purchase was for use at my condo in TN. My main unit is a bit too bulky to transport via the airlines. This item has been valuable since an accident left me a quadriplegic. It allowed me to use an iPad during the day in my wheelchair and during the night, it was placed over my bed which allowed me to read if I woke up during the night (which happens a lot). While it takes a bit of effort to get this setup properly to use in bed, once situated it works well.

Gamers Desk with Two Mouse Pad Extensions:

The largest laptop desk I could find.
By Jessica Haecker February 25, 2014
My fiance uses a desktop and doesn't like to keep his keyboard on the desk. For a long time, he was using a mini ironing board as a lap desk. Thankfully, his ironing board finally wore out and I bought this - the largest laptop desk I could find - to replace it. As a whole, I like the product. I've had the opportunity to use it for myself. It is a great size, fitting even bigger gaming keyboards with just enough room for a mouse. The hinge in the middle is a bit annoying and a locking mechanism would make this product better, but the portability is a huge plus. The rubber grips do a great job of holding things in place, but I noticed that they started to wear out very quickly. The venting did exceptionally well at keeping my laptop cool, which was impressive considering that the laptop's fans were broken at the time

Gripzilla Omni:

By Amazon Customer on September 16, 2018
Works great for both my tablets. (fire 10HD & Samsung T2)

2018 & 2017 iPad 9.7 Handle Stand:

Well built. Extremely useful.
By Kevin Dole July 7, 2018
This is a fabulous device. I create 3D walkthrough spaces and Google Street View Indoors ( using a Matterport camera which is controlled from my iPad Pro. This attaches the iPad to one hand so my fingers are still free to position the tripod and make adjustments. I can progress much faster through the work thanks to this device. It’s been so great that I just bought another. I highly recommend this. Oh, and I sometimes also use the stand-up function when reading email and news on the iPad. This was really well-designed.

Soft Grip Handle Stand compatible with iPads 2, 3 & 4:

Five Stars
By Edward G. Mcdonnell June 28, 2018
I'm extremely glad I purchased this iPad grip. It is precisely what I wanted, needed. Perfect! EMcD

iPad mini Softgrip Handle for iPad Mini 1, 2 & 3:

Works very well with iPad
By Jennon August 29, 2018
absolutely necessary to read on an iPad in bed

9.7 iPad Pro Handle Stand:

Great case, comfortable grip.
By MikeR1954 January 3, 2018
I’ve had cases with hand grips before and loved them except for how the strap prevents you from laying the iPad down on a flat surface. So I was thrilled and surprised to discover that the handle strap easily pops out on this case. The neoprene is easy to adjust and comfortable, allowing you to have a firm grip when using it. The kickstand works great in landscape mode but is a bit tipsy in portrait like most stands are. I use my iPad for my notes and as presentation remote and this case is absolutely perfect for that use. I love this case and think you will too,

iPad Recliner:

Sturdy and different settings
By Marjan October 4, 2018
I use it for my big iPad Pro to edit pictures. Works perfect for me. Happy with the possibility to set different highs.

Link-It 2 Tier Cart:

Very pleased with the quality and price
By Jack Pedlar October 5, 2018
I purchased this unit to hold a heavy printer and to hold a desktop computer unit underneath. The base has rollers to allow easy movement of the printer and computer box without having to lift anything. The unit is built to hold heavy items.

Laptop Legs:

Love these. Everyone in office uses them
By jbj August 1, 2018
Love these. Everyone in office uses them. We reorder any time someone new comes to work.

Flex LapDesk:

Just what I was looking for.
By RjH June 6, 2018
This is a great, compact, and durable product. This fits nicely into my laptop bag and is large enough to fit my large HP Laptop with plenty of room for my mouse

Laptop Desk 2.0

It's perfect. I have a 11inch laptop and a 15inch ...
By Snoopy December 30, 2017
I wanted something to put under my laptop because I usually place my laptop on top of a pillow on my lap and it gets hot. I didn't want one of those lap desk with attached pillow bottom because I don't just use my laptop in one room in the house. I wanted something I could carry around the house, and also outside if I wanted to. This folds in half and it's very light. It's thin, it's perfect. I have a 11inch laptop and a 15inch laptop. This works perfectly for both.

Laptop Desk Combo Pack:

Must have if you use laptops on the move or couch!
By Grey Knight May 14, 2018
Compact and sturdy. over a long period of time it will heat up but that's natural. It is extremely stable on your lap! I've even held cups on it and both the laptop and cup doesn't budge as long as I'm relatively still. (I wouldn't advise it) The mouzpad clicks on and off and because it extends over the tab on the side it is sturdy as the lap desk. You will have to get used to it but when you do it's so good. Just a giant deal. Also you can wrap your cord around the notches on the mouzpad to prevent hard falls or just to control the cord if it's wired. The holes can hold pens too. And make sure to center the laptop on the lap desk so you get maximum cooling from the vents. If placed right it stays relatively cool for your entire use. I've thought about buying this for about a year and I'm so glad I grabbed it. Also, if you game or watch movies on a laptop on the couch, this is a must! You'll forget the lap desk is there.

Laptop Desk 2.0 Gray:

My Second one!
By James G. DeRuvo January 9, 2018
An excellent lap shelf to hold your computer. My second one!

Laptop Desk Futura Gray:

Excellent product with excellent customer service!
By Mark Johnson May 23, 2018
Purchased a pair of these for the wife and myself several laptops ago. Extremely useful for keeping the human and machine laptops cool. Desktop stand feature is awesome, especially on hotel desk or nightstand. One of the folding supports broke after years of travel and abuse, but Alan Truly (Chief Operating Officer) came through with a free replacement - Stellar customer service and support!!

Laptop Desk Futura With Large Mouse Pad Extension:

By Nicholas Chitwood March 13, 2018
Plenty wide for my 17.3 and the mouse add-on is fantastic. Great for gaming on the go or when I can't be on the desktop and for $40, a steal. Would recommend especially if you use a mouse.

iPad Mini 1,2& 3 Soft Grip Handle Stand

By Phyllis M. Gropp April 7, 2017
The handle fits my hand comfortably, but most important, it keeps the iPad from slipping out of my grasp. It will prop up the tablet either in a horizontal view as when the user lies down, or in a vertical view for when user sits up. I have tried other solutions (2 kinds of folding covers) that didn't work nearly as well.

Softgrip iPad Mini 4 Handle Stand:

Perfect for my ipad mini 4
By L. A. Morrison August 18, 2018
Everything I was looking for. Strap for holding doubles as a secure stand. Rotates in all directions.
Couldn't beat the price!!

Snap-On MouzPad Black for Laptop Desk 1.0 & 2.0:

She said it was great.
By JK January 25, 2018
Bought for my wife to replace one she gave away. She said it was great

Soft Grip iPad Air Handle:

Satisfied customer
By Tim McBride November 16, 2017
Really nice quality and my 11 yr old loves it!

Soft Grip iPad Handle for iPad 2, 3 & 4:

This is handle number 2, number 1 lasted forever
By Ed Hammond October 6, 2018
You can't beat this for the price. Great for reading in bed.
I broke my first one and ordered this one again because you cannot go wrong with this cover.

SteadiLift Stand:

works great.
By Gerald Coulter September 26, 2017
Simple iPad holder, works great.

10" Heavy Duty Swivel:

Excellent value
By Lance Schendorf October 18, 2018
I'm using the swivel for a, HP all-in-one computer so I can easily turn it to watch from my bed. It's well made and exactly what I expected.

8" Heavy Duty Swivel:

Smooth ride for heavy weight
By Karen Carter October 13, 2018
Got these to put under two old crocks that hold different cooking utensils on my kitchen counter. They are fabulous!! Highly recommend.

No-Slip Pad for 10 to 10.5" Swivel:

Five Stars
works well - very pleased

No-Slip Pad for 12 to 13" Swivel:

works perfect.
By Fran C. November 17, 2017
Fits well,works perfect.

No-Slip Pad for 15 to 16" Swivel:

It is like a nonslip drawer liner but a little thicker
By Amazon Customer April 26, 2017
It is like a nonslip drawer liner but a little thicker. It matches perfectly with the 15" LapWorks swivel. The adhesive backing is a nice touch

Tablet Handler Pro:

Five Stars
By Nathan DiNapoli January 18, 2018
Our customer says they work great with their Lenovo tablets!

Tablet Handler Strap:

Great product
By J. A. Uzzetta May 26, 2018
I have arthritis in my fingers, and I've tried other kinds of holders for my Kindle. Most of them tire out my fingers and make them hurt. This Tablet Handler is perfect. No problems at all. It will hold a small Kindle or larger tablets with no problems. Great product.

Wizard MouzPad (size 6-1/4 x 7-3/4 inches):

Good quality MouzPad for the price
Byt ridlock April 9, 2017
Delivery, packaging, price, and quality of the product was satisfactory. It was in new condition as stated in description. MouzPad assembly was easier than expected. Satisfied with purchase

Zen Rise Notebook Stand:

Its a great height. Surprisingly sturdy and looks good
By Kristopher R Couture January 24, 2018
Its a great height. Surprisingly sturdy and looks good. The big logo on the front was a bit much. But nothing another sticker won’t solve. Simple, practical and inexpensive

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