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Link-It Modular Cart

Link-It Modular Cart

Link-It Carts link higher, wider, longer! Add 3 or 4 tiers... Or link 2 or more carts side by side or end to end. Make the perfect cart! Makes a great Printer cart, AV cart, Art & Crafts cart, ... Use for anything, it's a general use Utility cart, Tool cart, etc… Measures 18.5 x 14.5 inches and 23 inches tall, perfect to roll under desk or table Supports over 350 pounds! Strong, durable, expandable. Easy assembly, easy expansion! Use Indoors and Outdoors (avoid direct sunlight). Includes 1 Link-It Cart. Buy 2 or more for linking options Link temporarily or use included zip ties to link semi-permanently.

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The Link-It Multipurpose Utility Cart has a unique modular design that lets you build the perfect cart! One 2 Tier cart with casters included. Buy 2 or more for linking options.Or check out our half-height shelf accessory to customize your cart, Link-It Mini Tier accessory.

Caster wheels make rolling effortless. Pull your cart out for use and roll away when done. Perfect for small spaces like narrow kitchens, RV's, tiny homes etc.

The Link-It cart easily rolls under standard height tables and desks, making a perfect office companion. Maximize space in any room by moving the cart around as you need.

Ideas: Printer cart. Kitchen Utility cart, hang pots and pans from the utility holes and slots. Arts and crafts cart. As small as one or customize exactly the work station you need for your supplies by building your dream unit.

Awkward closet? Store your less frequently used items on your cart and slide to the back, easily accessible again when needed. Garage cart, tools, vehicle supplies etc.

Entertaining? The Link-It cart by itself is an excellent side table, dessert cart, beverage cart or the beginning to a movable feast. Pair with non slip shelf liner, table cloths, decorations etc to create the look you want with the practicality and dependability of a solid multi-purpose piece of furniture that can work for many occasions.

Rolling TV Stand for extra wide and 2 legged TVs - Just link a few carts together to match the width of your TV. 2 carts measure 35” wide, 3 carts reach 52”, 4 carts reach 70”. Depth is 14” so there is plenty of room for a sound bar and room on the bottom tier for subwoofer, DVD, Cable Box, DVD collection, game console and games, etc...

BBQ buddy, hang all the tools you need, load up with bags of charcoal, sauces on top and roll out to your grill area, no need to run back and forth to the kitchen, everything is on your Link-It.

In the garage it can work like a dolly, tools, cases of water and household supplies can be rolled around with ease. Club store grocery run? Transport those cases of canned goods with ease.

18.5 x 14.5 inches and 23 inches tall, includes 2 platforms, 4 poles and 4 casters.

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  • September 4, 2011-

    Item arrived on time, works as advertised. An excellent purchase for the price. Charles B.

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