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Gripzilla Pro for iPad Pro, Surface Pro and Samsung Pro 12.2

Gripzilla Pro for iPad 12.9 and most 11" to 14" Tablets with Soft Neoprene Handle and Pop Out Stand & EZconnect Adapter

Gripzilla Pro holds iPad Pro 12.9, all Surface and Surface Pro tablets, Surface Book and Samsung Galaxy Pro 12.2, most Pro sized tablets with screens of 11 to 14 inches Soft Neoprene hand-held holder for your tablet that prevents hand fatigue. Adjustable Velcro strap accommodates any hand size, left or right handed Swiveling hub rotates 360° for switching from portrait to landscape or anywhere between Press two button to convert to a stand. Finally a stand that allows both portrait and landscape use! Store your Pencil cap or USB drive in the small pocket built into the hand strap and slide your Pencil or stylus into the soft Neoprene loop at the end - so convenient! Strong Spring Loaded Bracket lets you Attach and Remove your Tablet Easily and in seconds Includes adapter to work with Swing Arm & RoboTX Desk Mounts, Armbot Desk, Wall & Vehicle Mount and Sky Crane Ground to Standing Height Floor Stand!

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Have you ever found yourself on the verge of dropping your Pro Tablet?! ... your fingers fumbling and grasping madly as the hard, shiny edge slides away in slow motion before your eyes? Where's the handle? How the heck are you supposed to hold this beautiful, but enomous and slippery new tablet?

Never fear technophile! Now you can Handle It with the Gripzilla Pro Handle Stand for Pro sized tablets!

It's quick and easy with a strong, reliable spring-loaded grip, rubber corner captures that won't scratch your tablet and a wide, soft neoprene grip with generous velcro strap that adjusts to fit any hand. On or off in 2 seconds flat! It makes using your tablet effortless, safe and secure.

The Gripzilla Pro fits iPad Pro 12.9 and most tablets with screens ranging from 11" to 14". Stretches from 11.75 to a maximum of 17 inches, maximum depth is 0.63 inches.

When you remove the handle, you can replace it with the EZconnect adapter. This adapter makes it compatible with our hands-free desk mounts and floor stands. Combine with our versatile 1 to 6 foot Sky Crane Floor Stand with a 2 foot arm that can be set to any angle and a ball joint allowing the perfect height, angle and position wherever you are, standing, sitting or lying down. Or paired with our Armbot you have an articulated 3 segment arm attached to a c-clamp desk mount or wall mount. Also works with the Swing Arm and RoboTX desk mounts.

The Gripzilla Pro's EZconnect Handle adds a convenient built in viewing stand and the EZconnect Adapter opens up a world of ergonomic bliss by making the Gripzilla Pro bracket compatible with a wide range of stands and mounts, something sorely needed for these Pro sized tablets.

It's an all around great hand grip that you can use all day without tiring your wrist and fingers. Limited quantities in stock right now, so don't delay. Get your Gripzilla Pro now.

See the Gripzilla Pro in use with one of our desk mounted arms holding a 17" Cintiq Drawing Tablet at Rainy Day Magazine. Thanks Rainy Day!

Our Customers Say...
  • September 4, 2011-

    Item arrived on time, works as advertised. An excellent purchase for the price. Charles B.

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