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Max MouzPad for Gamer's Desk

Max MouzPad for Gamer's Desk

Full gaming mousing surface measuring 9" X 11"
Attaches to the Futura and UltraLite lap desks
Connects with a snap-on/snap-off double-lock
Cable notches secure the wired mouse cord
A cupped rim secures wireless mouse
Made from extra strong Polycarbonate plastic

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"We Stand Behind Our Products."
Jose Calero, Founder and CEO

Welcome to the Max MouzPad home page. The Max MouzPad is the catylist that combines to morph a simple lap desk into a dynamic gaming platform. When the Max is joined with the Futura or UltraLite, they become the perfect portable gaming desks for game players who enjoy first person shooter or other high precision game play styles.

The new Max MouzPad is what makes the Futura and UltraLite Gamers Desks possible. Its snap-on / snap-off double-lock functionality makes the 9” x 11” Max MouzPad the largest mousing surface of any portable gaming desk available. In addition, the Max MouzPad is great for both wired and optical mice, making it a versatile choice for the technology lover.

And yes, the Max MouzPad is compatible with both wired and wireless optical mice. To keep your mouse securely on the Max MouzPad, cable notches secure the wired mouse cord and a cupped rim secures your wireless mouse. Made from the same material used to make bullet proof glass, the Max MouzPad is strong providing a rigid platform for years of gaming pleasure. The Max MouzPad attached to both the Futura and UltraLite Laptop Desks.



First, the Max MouzPad attaches securely to the laptop desk in two ways. (1) With two clips or side grips that snap onto the outer edges of the laptop desk. (2) Two press-through prongs that insert into the two holes in the laptop desk.

Step 1 – Position the Max MouzPad over either end of the laptop desk by lining up the press-through prongs over the two holes in the laptop desk.
Step 2 – Press down on the Max MouzPad so the two side grips snap into place around the two edges of the laptop desk.
Step 3 – Push the two press-through prongs through the holes in the laptop desk and they will snap through into place.

The combination of the two locking systems insures that the Max MouzPad is secure and will not come loose while in the throws of beating a boss.


Place one hand onto the lap desk near the Max MouzPad to hold it down. Then grip the outer edge of the Max MouzPad with the other hand and lift up briskly and the Max MouzPad will snap off without a problem. Remember that the Max MouzPad is made of Polycarbonate plastic which means it is a very durable and highly resistant to breakage.

Our Customers Say...
  • September 4, 2011-

    Item arrived on time, works as advertised. An excellent purchase for the price. Charles B.

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