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Cantilever 2.0 Tablet Mount for iPads & Tablets

Cantilever 2.0 Tablet Mount for iPads & Tablets

Universal bracket accommodates iPad or tablets devices with our without a protective case
Telescoping components collapse to a small profile or expand to a waist high viewing pose
Adjustable base forms into a T shape or a V shape as needed
Pedestal stands elevates up to 39-1/2” and cantilever arm extends out to 20-1/2”
Constructed of 3/4” diameter brushed Aluminum and weighs a slight 2 lbs. 3 oz.

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The Cantilever 2.0 Tablet Mount is a universal floor stand for iPads & Tablets that is portable, adjustable and economical. It's called the “Cantilever” because of its long projecting beam-like arm that's fixed at only one end. But this beam has a universal bracket at the opposite end for holding any Kindle, Nook, iPad, or tablet in or out of its case.

The Cantilever 2.0 Tablet Mount consists of four major components - three Aluminum components and one plastic bracket. The Aluminum components consist of the sliding two-piece base, the telescoping pedestal stand and the telescoping cantilever arm.

The sliding two-piece base adjusts to form itself into a T shape or a V shape - depending on the stability required. Each of the two-piece base feet is 20” long.

The telescoping pedestal stand collapses to a low of 23-1/4” and extends up to a waist height of 39-1/2”. The telescoping cantilever arm collapses to a compact 13-1/2” and extends to a surprising length of 20-1/2”. The cantilever arm also rotates left to right once the locking tab is loosened.

The plastic holding bracket is attached to the end of the telescoping cantilever arm by a ball & socket connector that allows 360 degree rotation and up and down pivoting. The bracket comes with 4 silicone “ears” 2 large and 2 small to fit tablets ranging in size from 7” to 11”. And instead of gripping the top and bottom edges or the two sides of an iPad or tablet, this bracket grips two opposite corners of the device.

The Cantilever 2.0 Tablet Mount is the perfect viewing stand for posing your iPad or tablet for reading hands-free in an easy chair or sofa. Viewing movies is now much more convenient and leisurely.

It's made of 3/4” brushed aluminum tubing with Polycarbonate plastic connecting / locking components. The Cantilever weighs a scant 2 lbs. 4 oz. so it is very lightweight and portable for repositioning anywhere.

Our Customers Say...
  • September 4, 2011-

    Item arrived on time, works as advertised. An excellent purchase for the price. Charles B.

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