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RoboTX Tablet Mount

RoboTX Tablet Mount

The RoboTx has been discontinued, but scroll down to see 3 suggested replacements

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The RoboTX has been discontinued, but we have good news! We have 3 products that make good replacements.

1. The Armbot Jr has the same quick adjustment feature, push and pull to place your tablet at the perfect angle. An improvement over the RoboTX - it has adjustable tension on all joints so you can customize the feel with the included Allen wrench. It's the product I use when looking for RoboTX functionality. This 18 inch desk mounted arm comes with a c-clamp but also includes a large suction cup mount for quick mounting in a different location.

See the Armbot Jr Tablet Arm.

2. The original Armbot is larger with a 37 inch reach and locking joints. The base turns freely though, so you can easily push and pull your tablet on the base swivel once you have it set at the right height and angle.

See the Original Armbot Tablet Arm

3. The Sky Crane is a floor stand with a 2 foot reach and can raise up to 6 feet in height or lower to near ground level. It can be set to swivel on it center pole or lock tight. This is the ultimate in adjustability.

See the Sky Crane Tablet Floor Stand

Our Customers Say...
  • September 4, 2011-

    Item arrived on time, works as advertised. An excellent purchase for the price. Charles B.

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