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LapWorks iPad Tablet Mighty Mount

LapWorks iPad Tablet Mighty Mount

A strong and stable desk stand for work or play.
Two 15 inch arms, with secure locking ball joints and c-clamp base.
Attaches to table or desk tops, night stands, headboards, end tables and coffee tables
Over 30” long at full extension measured from the base
4-prong holding bracket fits tablets of all sizes

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"We Stand Behind Our Products."
Jose Calero, Founder and CEO

We call this iPad Tablet Mount “Mighty” because we believe it's one of the most rigid and inflexible desk mounts available regardless of its shape or size. What gives this Mount its rigidity is the strength of the material used to create a solid, stable supporting platform for your device. No matter if it's used for working or just viewing, the iPad Tablet Mighty Mount will give you the solid platform you've been looking for.

So what makes the iPad Tablet Mighty Mount so rigid and inflexible? It's made from industrial grade 5/8” diameter brushed Aluminum tubing that has a 1/8” wall thickness that's double the usual thickness of most other products of this design. And the locking hinges are made of steel so there's no chance of easy breakage or cracking. This is why we call this Mount “Mighty”.

The Mighty Mount consists of five components. (1) The C-clamp, (2) the lower arm section, (3) the upper arm section, (4) the ball & socket and (5) the holding bracket. These five components combine to provide you with the most rigid and stable working / viewing desk mounting system available.

Available in two finishes: black and brushed aluminum.

Our Customers Say...
  • September 4, 2011-

    Item arrived on time, works as advertised. An excellent purchase for the price. Charles B.

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