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InVogue iPad Stand

InVogue iPad Stand

Compatible with all iPad versions 1, 2 & 3 with full 360 degrees rotation
Waist-high pedestal stand for iPad viewing with adjustable support arm that elevates 28-1/2"
View ipad laying down, in a bathtub, in an easy chair or outside in the chaise lounge or hammock
V-shaped base feet extend 16" for best stability - support arm also extends out 16"

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"We Stand Behind Our Products."
Jose Calero, Founder and CEO

In vogue, stylish, chic, smart and elegant are words that best describe the InVogue iPad Stand. Its sleek, fashion forward design sets a new standard in styling for iPad floor stands. Its clean lines and modern looks allow it to fit in any room or environment adding an eclectic flare. This product works for all iPad versions.

The InVogue is a waist-high pedestal floor stand for viewing any iPad in any relaxing position you choose. Watch your ipad laying down on the sofa or in bed, in a bathtub, in an easy chair or outside in the chaise lounge or hammock. The InVogue iPad Stand perfectly positions your iPad in the most comfortable viewing angle.

The base feet extend out 16" as does the support arm. Because of this counter balancing, the InVogue iPad Stand has a very stable base.

The elevating arm rises upwards from floor level up to 28-1/2”. With the simple turn of a knob you can set it at any level that works best for your viewing comfort. The unique rotating head at the end of the support arm swivels 180º left to right, rotates 360º from portrait to landscape and also angles upward for viewing while standing and downward for viewing while laying down.

Lightweight and very portable at just over 4 lbs., the InVogue iPad Stand can be moved with ease as you relocate to your favorite ready place.

The InVogue is very stable and made of Extruded Brushed Aluminum and rigid plastic components.

Our Customers Say...
  • September 4, 2011-

    Item arrived on time, works as advertised. An excellent purchase for the price. Charles B.

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